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Up until 2018, our game followed a strict 1:1 timeline, keeping in step with the current time and date of Real Life except for limited, occasional deviations. Beginning in 2018, the game now follows a much looser, semi-fluid interpretation of time. This is because the realities of Real Life vs. role-played events just can't always mesh that well, and it can take much longer, OOC, to follow a series of events than IC. Since we don't want to deal with the difficulties of explaining why or how what should have taken one IC week took one or more IC months, we are no longer maintaining a specific flow of time. Instead, the game's time will move forward at a subjective rate, and we will keep the specific time/date fairly vague and only define it as and if it serves narrative purposes. This affects everything from the IC date to character ages, so in general after the start of 2018, these will be treated more vaguely.

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See the note above concerning IC Time.